It Was Too Loud

I say this all the time. I have really good hearing and when I go out to eat with someone I like to talk and listen with them, not listen to incredibly loud music. About a month ago I took my brother-in-law out for Chipotle’s. It was so loud in there.

It is a new location, but I haven’t been into a Chipotle’s in some time, probably more than six months, for obvious reasons. So I was hoping a lot that I would have a decent time and also not get food poisoning. I had noticed that I was getting a lot of attitude in the past, and snippy treatment from cashiers and counter help at their stores, a lot of bad attitude, for some months, for no reason that I could figure out. Hey I’m a nice person and am always polite and well behaved in stores, especially to cashiers and waitstaff. I’ve been both and am scrupulously nice and polite to them in return.

It was starting to remind me a lot of my experiences of going to coffee shops and being mistreated by a barista who is angry that their present life has not amounted to much, and their sense of superiority means that they have to take it out on me. And seriously I didn’t have anything to do with their low income life or their jobs.

I was really excited to see my bro and have some alone time with him. As soon as I met him outside the place he told me we will need to sit outside, the music inside is way too loud. Now here is the thing, all Chipotle stores are way too loud. I complain about them all the time, you can’t sit and talk or read or eat in peace. So I wasn’t sure if it was too loud or just too loud for him, but as soon as I opened the door, I could tell, it was too loud for anyone.

I had to shout to the staff, which is just plain rude in my opinion. Then the cashier couldn’t hear me correctly and got in a twist about something she thought I had said, that I had not and started arguing with me about it. She stayed mad even after I explained. Then I asked for something to wipe off the table outside and she got all riled up about that as well, insisting that she would do it. All four of the outside tables were visibly dirty from where she was standing at the cash register.

We had a great time, sitting outside in the shade, on a great sunny and warm, but not too warm day, watching the clouds, watching the doggies walk the trail by the lake nearby, and conversing.

The food was good and I was glad that I didn’t get sick. Still I haven’t gone back, I really don’t like disagreeable, mean, or argumentative staff.

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