These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

Title thanks to television series Seinfeld

Let me first admit that pretzels are not, by a long shot, my favorite snack food. Because of that I had never tried pretzels covered in chocolate of any kind. At least I don’t remember ever trying them, so that says how memorable they were, if I had ever tried them. So when it came to deciding about going gluten free I did not miss pretzels nor go out of my way to try some gluten free pretzels. Finally my sister did buy me some, for a gathering at her house, and I tried them, but didn’t really feel the love.

While shopping at an Aldi’s store a few months ago, I noticed that they were selling gluten free pretzels; plain, milk chocolate covered, and white chocolate covered. I have to admit that I didn’t exactly jump to buy them. Aldi’s has a gluten free brand of products called liveGfree. I’ve tried a several items and like some of them a lot; especially the chicken nuggets.

Finally one day about a month ago I did in fact buy a small bag of milk chocolate pretzels. I loved them! They have just the right balance of the sweet from the milk chocolate, the crunchy and the salty. The plain pretzels not so much, but still it is nice to find another snack treat to look forward to that is great, gluten free, and reasonably priced.

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