My Third Miracle

My third miracle of this year happened the day before my birthday. Quite frankly I did not know or feel that anything wonderful was going to happen that day when I stopped at a used store.

I had been on the lookout for something for a while and had seen it in a used store a couple of weeks before, but it was priced at $10 and it had been overused and was not in good shape. After carrying it around in my cart during the whole time that I was in the store I decided that I would not buy it. It was too old, too overused, and it squeaked a lot. I then priced the item online and at a Target store. They were from $45 to $80 or $90. Now I hate to buy stuff online that I have to pay shipping and I hate buying a more expensive item when I really only want the smaller version, but I had tentatively decided that yes I would have to pay about $50 for it new, plus get a ride to a store to get it after buying it online, at least that way I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping, but would have to pay for the state taxes.

The item that I was looking to buy was a mini stepper. The more expensive ones have handles or bands to use while also stepping. But I only wanted the stepper part and so really only wanted to pay for what they call the mini version. It seemed to be about my speed since gall bladder surgery. I really needed something besides my stationery bike and my treadmill, neither of which I was using for months and months. I was so glad that I was getting out about twice a week by myself for groceries and a stop at the library, but was not really able to get a lot of walking or biking into those times.

So the day before my birthday I stopped at the used store, after getting my I.D. renewed and going out to supper with a relative and having a great time. I wandered around the store for an hour or so and had a few things I needed to mull over before deciding. I usually do that. I find a chair and sit and look at everything and decide what I am going to keep and buy.

Once done with that I did a swing around the book section with my cart and came to a halt because I saw exactly what I wanted to buy, a mini stepper. It was sitting in one of the worker’s carts. I see them in the store all the time, they use them to transport items for sale from the back work area into the shopping/store area. It was just sitting in the bin in the cart and there was no one near it. I picked it up, totally clean on the pedals, never used, plastic still on the bottom area, $10.

It was such a miracle. It might not seem that way, but I have had a lot of trouble finding reasonably priced items that I need. When you need something and you have to buy it new, it cost so much more.

So I started using it slowly, doing only 25 steps at a time, several times a day. I felt better working my leg and calf muscles right away, even after the first time. It’s always an up and down process for me on being more physically active, but I usually do 100 steps at a time and am doing that about 5 times a day now.

In combination with my improved health, increased activity in the last few months, mini stepper work in the last two weeks or so, and getting out more and walking and biking more I have lost 5 pounds. I guess that makes it my fourth miracle of this year. 🙂

4 thoughts on “My Third Miracle

  1. Beautiful! I really understand — I live a frugal life by necessity and the universe provides miracles like this for me too, for which I am ever so grateful. I’m also so very happy to hear about your health progress and I hope (& continue to pray) that wonderful blessings arrive in your daily life like flights of random, beautiful light.

    It also seems I missed your birthday! Let me wish you a blessed belated birthday that echoes throughout the entire year. May spirit celebrate you and yous!

    Kate, I want to make an effort to connect more with you, which I’ve often said, I know. But I am going to start small by regularly visiting you here on WordPress. Keep a virtual cup of tea ready and I’ll be by again soon! 🙂

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    • Hi Story,

      Thank you. And thank you so much for your prayers and the healing towards us. It really has made a huge difference in the last couple of months, I can see a big change from the first day you started.

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. We always write about our birthday week and month and this year we, as we have for a few years, feature quotes on books, reading, literature, fiction, etc. Those things have figured prominently in our life, with lots of love, so we like to focus on them during our birthday month.

      We would love to connect more! That would suit us just fine. 🙂 We would love to interact more, whenever. Just know that we are always open to that.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



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