Another Wonderful Miracle

So I wanted to share about my second most wonderful miracle that happened this year. When it happened I literally had my jaw drop and couldn’t manage to close my mouth for a bit. I had to bring the thing over to my sister and show it to her and I still couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

First let me tell you that I had been on the look-out at used stores for a couple of years for a good used wheelchair for a decent price. About a year-and-a-half ago I saw one and didn’t buy it, and have been regretting it ever since. It was priced for $25 and that was a great price. It was in great shape and would be just the thing, but I wasn’t well enough to really be able to use it in the near future then, because I wasn’t even well enough to try to navigate with it to musical concerts or plays, so I thought that the money that I had should be used for Christmas gifts instead.

I didn’t buy it. It was a total mistake. I have been looking for one ever since. Getting into arenas and orchestra hall and theaters like the Guthrie Theater require more walking than I am capable of and that has been true for about ten years. I have managed to go to a couple of concerts, hey Bruce Springsteen, but didn’t manage to get to his show this February due to mobility concerns and was really really sad that I had not gotten the used wheelchair.

I hadn’t found anything in good shape for a good price since not buying the other one. I don’t get to used stores as often as I would like or need to, again mobility issues and this year has been much more difficult. So I don’t often get the chance to look for one.

So one day a few months ago I had decided to ask my sister to be on the look-out for a wheelchair for me, telling her what I needed and my price range. We had been out for lunch and had gone thrift shopping as well, we usually do. At the store I had seen a wheelchair, but it was not in good shape and the price was too much as well.

I also wanted to add that sometimes people in the apartment building give away things that they have/own and that is how I have gotten some of my furniture since living here. The other furniture that I own was giving to me by family, friends and; neighbors who also had left stuff out for the garbage. There are only a few things that I have actually bought and that are my desk type chairs, for about $10 each.

So sometimes I go out into the hallway or stairwell or the back of the apartment and find something that I want for free, and if I can tote it back upstairs, it is mine. There have been a few things, bureaus especially, that I would really have loved to have, but seriously I don’t have the room for them in my current apartment. Free is definitely in my price range, that is for sure. 🙂

Sometimes I get dropped off at the front door, it is more convenient for my sister, but sometimes I ask to be dropped off at the back door. The front entrance has eleven extra stairs and about 50 more steps. So the back door is usually a better way for me, unless I absolutely have to check into the office or my mailbox.

So I asked to be dropped off that day at the back door. She has to go around the block anyways, but she really doesn’t like my back parking lot area nor some of the denizens who come and go back there. Actually neither do I, but it is a better way for me most of the time. I try to ask for what I need, but since I still struggle with being a people-pleaser some of the time, it is hard for me to ask for what I want or need.

We pulled up to the back door and my jaw dropped. This beautiful, wonderful wheelchair was sitting in the garbage area, set out for free for anyone to take. Thank God that day that I had asked for the back door, because someone probably would have grabbed it before I took out my garbage again. It is an expensive wheelchair to boot. My sister helped me get it upstairs to my apartment and now when Bruce is in town I can go because I can alternatively walk/wheel my way to the seating area. Such a huge miracle. I was convinced that the universe loves me after this one.

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