Mapp & Lucia

I absolutely love the show Mapp & Lucia. This version, made in 1985-1986, is something I have loved since I first saw it on PBS so many years ago, so that means more than thirty years ago. It wasn’t the beginning of my love of British books or television, but it has been one of my all-time favorites.

I discovered a great love of British television while still young, when I had first gotten  the use of a television as a child. In my childhood we had one television and that one was black and white, no color. We were poor, but back then one television in a household was considered normal. It was hard to get the time to watch what I wanted, but I found that I could convince, at turns, one of my parents to be interested in a few shows. The rest was a matter of luck, lack of interest/competition at certain times of the day or day of the week, and finally living elsewhere at age 16, when I was able to discover Masterpiece Theater.

I wanted to share Mapp and Lucia here on my birthday month as one of my gifts/surprises to share with you all. The links are for each episode at youtube, below.

I watched and then read all the books, though the tv series does not start at the beginning of the book series by E.F. Benson, but instead starts where the book Mapp and Lucia starts, the fourth book of the seven books. The political machinations of a small English village’s upper crust residents in the 1920s/1930s is as hilarious as it is observational.

S1 E1 The Village Fete

S1 E2 Battle Stations

S1 E3 The Italian Connection

S1 E4 Lobster Pots

S1 E5 The Owl and the Pussycat

S2 E1 Winner Take All

S2 E2 Change and Change About

S2 E3 Lady Bountiful

S2 E4 Worship

S2 E5 Au Reservoir

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