Birthday Week, Day Four & Five

My birthday week has been going very well. It is obvious that I still need a lot of rest, but I am trying to get out more this week, as much as possible.

For day four I went out and had a great bike ride. It was so sunny and lovely. It was just that right temperature, being in the low 70s, with huge sunshine and not a lot of clouds. I had invited a relative to go out for an early dinner and we had a great time. We had a great meal. We had over an hour of visiting and talking, which went great. I enjoyed myself so much.

We sat outside in the outside patio area, in the shade, and yet right next to where the sun was shining down. From there I had a great view of a nearby walking path were lots of doggies and their humans went by. There was a bouncy white poodle with an odd haircut that totally captured my attention, so happy, it really made me happy too.

On the way home I stopped at a local used store and found a great deal, which I will try to write more about soon. It made me so happy, actually ecstatic. Another wonderful gift from the universe, just exactly what I was hoping for and looking for.

Day five was another resting day, I just needed it. I sat around and lied down and watched tv shows. I did some computer work. I am resting up for Friday, my birthday celebration with fam. I am looking forward to it.

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