Rudhira Blush

I love the color red. Mostly I love the color red that is bluish red rather than orangey red.

I find red so primal, so beautiful, so gorgeous.  I don’t wear a lot of red, but I did buy a red t-shirt recently. That was nice to find it, brand new and at the used store for three dollars. 🙂 I love the t-shirt and I am wearing it tomorrow for my birthday.

I also have some new converse one stars that I will be wearing for the first time, tomorrow for my birthday, and they are pink. Expect to find a photo of them tomorrow.

I also recently bought two light scarves that have red in them; pink, and white, and red. I don’t usually have scarves, but I have always loved them. That is probably because I don’t think that I look good wearing scarves. But I thought it was something new to try and to try to find a way of wearing them that looks good to me. New things. I think that all means that red is being more operative in my life, which is bound to be for the good of us all. 🙂

The word for red in Sanskrit is Rudhira. I love that word.

I’ve loved so much creating my red tumblr blog. I have collected and found some great red photos. My favorite photo has got to be from above, of the dancer twirling around with a beautiful red gown flying out from her. But there are many photos on the blog that I absolutely love.

I think I was putting in the wrong links to my previous color blog posts here. This one should work at letting you view it, even if you don’t have a tumblr account. My Tumblr Blog on the subject of Red:

Rudhira Blush

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