Andalusian White

I love the color white, though I don’t wear it very often. There are two reasons that come to mind to me: I am hella messy when eating or outside and for about 15 years I worked in jobs that made me wear a white uniform, mostly being a waitress and being a nursing assistant. I hate wearing white and having to keep uniforms clean.

Even when I see a great looking t-shirt or shirt at the used store and it is priced very cheaply, I don’t buy it. But the “color” white, I absolutely love white.

When I was in high school I got to be part of a group that went to see the white stallion Lippizzan horses. We got a great group deal. I think it only cost about five dollars. I loved it and had a great time with school friends. They are so beautiful and athletic.


I recently watched a special about them on PBS that showed how well they are treated and trained and loved, so that made me feel good to know, even so many years later. So many performing animals are mistreated. I wouldn’t feel good about going to an animal show again, but it was lovely to have those memories.

When it came time to create my white color blog the name that popped into my mind was Andalusian. An Andalusian horse is a pure Spanish horse, and sometimes is white, but they always seem beautiful to me.

All my links here on the blog to my tumblr color blogs are working. So glad that I finally figured that out.

My white tumblr blog:

Andalusian White

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