My Birthday Week, Day 3

Day 3 turned out to be a lovely day and we had a lovely time celebrating today. I slept late and had a leisurely time before deciding to venture outside on my bike. I watched the most recent episode of Dancing with the Stars. I have always loved dancing, and sometimes even watch really bad dancing, though some of the dancing is really good and lots of fun to watch.

I dropped by the post office on my bike and mailed back my netflix dvds, including the movie that did not play yesterday. I went to the library and was so glad that I had the energy and the ability to walk inside the building for a bit and to stop into the graphic novels and the movies sections and pick out several things to keep me occupied at home. I am so happy.

I recently watched the movie Deadpool, and liked it a lot, hilarious and well done I thought, so it was nice to be able to grab a couple of graphic novels on Deadpool, since I haven’t read any of them before. We have always liked to watch the superhero movies and science fiction films since being very tiny, so this new bunch of superhero movies coming out about once a month now is a great thing, to us, especially to the Teens. We are looking forward to lots of fun times.

After exiting the library I dropped by the coffee shop in the same building, a Dunn Bros. coffee shop. I love this spot and love the view while sitting in there, in a comfortable chair, looking at the view and sipping a coffee. A couple of days ago they had emailed me a coupon for a free birthday coffee. It was very exciting to be able to use it. 🙂 The staff were so nice to me, wishing me a happy birthday and a happy week as well. The guy who prepared my caramel frappacino, it used to be called an ice creama, said it was the best version of the drink he could possibly make it, and that was true, it was wonderful! As I left the gal who took my order told me to have a nice day. God, I love it when staff are nice to me.

Then I went to Target store downtown and my cashier was such a nice guy and was so good to me. I went to the customer service desk and filled out a comment card about him. And I told him how nice he was and that I filled out a comment card saying so. What a nice guy he was.

It was a lovely day. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I could see some doggies and talk to them. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to the DMV to get my I.D. renewed. I usually have it renewed long before my birthday, but this year I am still doing okay, since my birthday is on Friday and my identification card is still good. After that I am meeting a relative for an early dinner. On Friday I am having lunch with some relatives and some kids. It is bound to be tons of fun. 🙂

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