Purpl Haze

The word purple comes from the Old English word purpl. I created my purple color blog at tumblr.com using the Old English word. Being part English, and part everything else in the United Kingdom and Europe, has made me interested in the English language a great deal. So that is why I chose the Old English word over any other word that predates it for my blog and why I have been interested in such things to begin with.

I love purple. I think it is my second favorite color of all, after blue. I really noticed my love of purple some time after working on healing from child sexual abuse. It has probably been twenty years or more of noticing that I had a strong love and attachment to purple. I read that purple was the color of serenity and that oftentimes people who need serenity use the color around them a lot. I did that more and even sometimes suspected that it might become my favorite color, but have no fear, blue, you are not being replaced. Still, I love purple a lot. 🙂

My Purple Blog:

Purpl Haze

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