My Birthday Week Days 1 & 2

I counted Sunday as my first day of my birthday week. But since I really didn’t do anything yesterday, I am also counting next Sunday as a part of my birthday week. I woke up on Sunday and was so tired out. I hadn’t been taking my cough and cold medication for about a week, and so had been waking up after only five or so hours each day, which had been leaving me dopey, tired, and cranky. I was also acquiring an awful hacking cough once again. On Saturday I went to the store and got my over the counter cough and cold medication, hurrah.

So as a part of my birthday week, I had my cough and cold medication to take Saturday night, and when I woke up on Sunday, I took my thyroid medication, waited an hour, and then had a snack, and then went back to bed. I woke up again late last night and repeated the process over again. I woke up today before noon, and that was nice, since I was feeling better rested. So for Sunday as a celebration of my birthday week I let myself sleep, because I really needed it, even though I wanted to get up and do things and start celebrating. But since I have been practicing being more self-aware about my self-care needs, I decided to do the best thing for myself; and that was to rest and to sleep.

Waking up on Monday I had some plans, mostly which did not work out so well. But I tried. I had planned on making a wonderful snack for myself, a snack that I haven’t done while living here, that’s three years, so I really wanted to make it special. I got the snack all fixed up and was sitting by the television, put in the dvd movie from netflix, and got ready to enjoy the movie. Ha! The movie did not play. After three times of washing it, it still did not work. So I watched some PBS shows instead.

Tomorrow promises to be better. Well it can hardly be worse. I have a bike ride and a coffee shop visit planned so far, but I plan on fitting a surprise or two in there as well.

I hope you all had a great day and that you all have a great tomorrow. Good and healing thoughts to yous.

2 thoughts on “My Birthday Week Days 1 & 2

    • Thank you Granny. It was a very happy week with many happy memories. It just really wiped me out, though, but otherwise it was wonderful.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and to all that you love.



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