A Long-time Habit

For my birthday, it has been a long-time habit of mine to give some gifts of some kind to others. I enjoy sharing something that I love for my birthday with others. Usually it has been a small gift for someone that I love or for a family member.

So, part of my blog birthday month has always been to share my love of books, and sometimes also bikes, through quotes and sometimes with photos as well. I also usually have book quotes every hour on my birthday. I’ve also included a whole month of healing poems for this month.  The poems after the 20th are written by my two favorite female poets. Still, I wanted to add some more surprises here this month.

I also wanted to share some of what I have been doing online elsewhere in the last few months. One of the things that I have been doing is creating photo blogs, on tumblr.com, focusing on a specific color.

I have found this very helpful since my activities in the last nine months have been very limited. I couldn’t really make any collages or do any art therapy, like I used to love to do. So I decided to do more creative things online.

These blogs were created with the goal of being a calm meditation, though I am sure that I feel a number of emotions when I view them. Ultimately they are meant to be calming, healing and life affirming. I find them to be so, especially since I share some of the things that I love the best and the most on them. All my links to my tumblr blogs are now working.

Here is the first color blog that I created:

Catalan Blue


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