A Question

What does your soul look like?

My soul looks like a fluffy cloud, to me. It used to be about six inches tall and located in my upper abdomen. That was what I thought was normal for a soul. I thought that my soul was beautiful and gorgeous and I loved my soul ever so very much. It brought me a lot of joy and contentment. I envisioned my soul as being incredibly wise and wonderful; for me that is my ultimate healing truth.  My soul chose to stay in this world and I owe it my/our life and every joy that we have. And then I started doing soul retrieval healing work for my soul.

That was about two years ago and started when I was going to a free Reiki healing group that met once a month. Someone there mentioned soul retrieval work two months in a row and on the second month I said that I was interested in doing whatever my soul wanted or needed for healing. And he helped me start my own soul retrieval work. At first it felt like tiny bits of cloud returning from all over to live in my body once again.

One of my Reiki masters referred me to another master who does shamanic soul retrieval. She let me talk to her for more than an hour and query her on a number of topics, how she does soul retrieval work in combination with Reiki healing work, how she uses shamanic work during soul retrieval work, and evaluated what was happening to me now. It was very helpful. We agreed that if I felt stuck in this process I could make an appointment with her and she could help me with my soul retrieval work. It was tremendously valuable. I didn’t ever feel struck and have tried to let my soul retrieval work go at my soul’s pace.

Some months ago I started wondering if my soul retrieval work was completed. That is because my soul seems to be as big as my body. I never realized that was normal, I always thought that a soul was very tiny in comparison to a body. Though I have to say I am not entirely sure how other people’s souls look or look to them or how different that seems to them once they have done soul retrieval work.

Still, though, little bits of my soul would seem to be returning, even though it was happening less and less in the last months. Today there were several tiny bits that returned, so I am concluding that I am not done yet with retrieving all my soul. I am okay with that. It will just take as long as it needs.

So what does your soul look like or what do you think it looks like or what do you think it is like inside your soul?

11 thoughts on “A Question

  1. What a very interesting question. I’ve never thought about it before but I do feel like my soul fills my body. Sometimes I think it might be even bigger than my body. My soul feels more liquid to me and kind of cloud like at the same time. I think I can feel it moving inside of me sometimes. How wonderful! I’ve never given any of this any thought before.

    Thank you for the lovely revelation. You are so amazing! And so thoughtful!


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    • Hi Granny,

      You really gave me several ideas to think about. Being bigger, wow, I’ve never thought of that, nor being liquid, but that sounds fantastic! And feeling it moving around, that is so cool. Thank you for sharing with me. 🙂

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



  2. I think my soul looks like my avatar I use for WordPress. It is dark, with some shades of light. Is it an Angel? Is it a Devil? Depends on your perspective…

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    • Okay, I guess everyone has different ideas about their souls. Thanks for sharing that with me. It is interesting to learn what others share. The souls that I have felt mostly felt so incredibly pure, even though I couldn’t see what they looked like.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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  3. I’ve done soul retrieval work twice with shamans (two different shamans) and both times it was fascinating. Strangely (or possibly not) I’ve actually never thought of my soul as residing in my body at all. I think of it more like a tide that my body is in, sort of like body-surfing. Sometimes I catch the wave; sometimes I get sort of thrown onto the beach.

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    • HI David,

      “I’ve actually never thought of my soul as residing in my body at all.”

      That is fascinating.

      I love body surfing, but the throwing part sounds like something I would definitely not ever want my soul to do to me.

      I read in a poem about someone who was trying to retrieve her soul. Ever since then I have wondered about that. In the poem she says her soul loss happened because she threw her soul away through a fit of rage.

      Though, for me, I think that it is others who make us lose parts of our souls, through abuse and it’s aftereffects. At least the symptoms of soul loss seem to match quite accurately the aftereffects of childhood abuses.

      I did not know the huge depths of my own soul loss. I could tell how beautiful, wise, and wonderful my soul was, so I was incredulous and outraged that I had or could have sustained any soul loss. Lucky for me that a shaman at the Reiki gathering saw it and was willing to speak to me, twice, until I agreed to try to start the process with him, and for free, what a beautiful gift from the universe.

      My cluelessness at my soul loss makes your awareness fascinating. I think that is a very perceptive and intuitive awareness that you have.

      If you would like to share more about your shamanic sessions, I would love to learn more. How it felt, what you saw intuitively, if anything, and if you felt it helped and how.. If you would ever do it again. Do you feel your soul all around you, or only some of it, does it feel like air or liquid, and anything else you would feel comfortable sharing.

      If you don’t want to share more, I really understand, as it was hard for me to share, mostly because I didn’t have the words or know how and I realize that everyone has their rights to privacy. I am just fascinated with people, their experiences, their lives, on and on, hence my interest and my two college degrees, I call them people degrees.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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      • The shamanic sessions were interesting…done about fifteen years apart. In both cases, they were kind of like guided visualization, but for the shaman, not for me…it was interesting. I showed up with a need/question/pressing issue, and the shaman went on a journey to “find” the missing part of my soul, and to return it to my body, which in both cases was done with the breath…sort of “blowing” it back in. But to me, the most unusual part of the experience was that unlike any other kind of depth work I’ve ever done, the vision wasn’t mine, it was the shaman’s, and my entire being was the broadcast, while the shaman was the selective receptor. I really liked that, actually, as I felt there were no expectations of me…with a lot of this type of work, where the journey is mine, in a certain space with a certain person guiding it, I feel like there’s a “right” and “wrong” way to do it, and I usually have results that aren’t expected. With the soul retrieval, the work rests with the shaman, and I get to do whatever I want to with the experience later, in my own time, but the heavy lifting is theirs, so to speak.

        The first time felt very passive to me; the second time, I felt more part of the process. In both cases, I didn’t feel as if a part of my soul were being retrieved so much as…hmmm. Reintroduced to me, maybe? Or my willingness to engage with that part of my soul was made clear to the part? For me, my experience of soul loss is very much that I had full control over it, in response to intolerable stimulus from others. So when I think of soul retrieval, for me, it’s not so much that the shaman gets back something that has been taken by someone else, but more that the shaman is a highly trained locksmith who has a number of skeleton keys that are able to open doors for which I hid the key so well that I don’t know where it is anymore, and while sure, I could spend another few years looking for it, it’s a lot quicker to call the locksmith.

        In both cases, I found it to be very helpful—perhaps the second time more so, because much of the language of how to integrate the experience was exactly like what I had already done to align many of my DID facets. I would do it again, probably with the second shaman, who was a vastly powerful and ethical woman. The first shaman was a man, also very powerful, but his energy wasn’t as good a fit for mine.

        The first time I did soul retrieval, I got a young part that had hidden many of our family’s secrets. The second time, I got a female part associated with nurturing of/compassion for self.

        In thinking about it, I think my soul extends to the boundary of my energy body—to the edges of my visible aura. So it’s both within me and surrounding me. I experience it as more like water than like air, but perhaps more like sound than like water. Some hybrid of sound and water.

        Love to you,

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      • Hi David,

        Just a quick response to let you know that I am still marinating what you wrote and thinking it over deeply before responding more. Wow, you just, wow me. Thanks for sharing. I will respond more soon.

        Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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  4. This is really interesting and I enjoyed reading this post and the comments a lot. Like Granny, I’ve/we’ve never really given our soul much consideration. Time to do so.:) I want to let you know that your and David’s dialogue is really wonderful to see. It is very apparent how much you like each other and respect each others views and simply just want the other to feel validated and happy. It’s really nice to see people just being kind and genuinely interested in each others journey. Thank you for this.

    Btw David, thank you for sharing. I really liked the locksmith analogy. 🙂

    Kate, I think you should be really proud of how much energy you put into healing and how far you have come. I have great respect for you. ❤

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