A Question

If you were a natural landscape, what would you be?

When I first read this question, from a book about being a style fashionista, I thought oh I’m an ocean and then I thought oh no think of “land” and then I thought of a beautiful rain forest, but really I’m not those things. And although I don’t court or desire drama in my life, I sort of liked thinking of the idea that I was something wild and beautiful and untamed.

It took me a while to get used to the idea of what landscape I really am. I knew right away what landscape I truly was. I thought it wasn’t very exciting or beautiful, but then I thought it’s just as important as any other landscape.

I’m a meadow, between a forest and a small body of water. And really I’m a very beautiful meadow.

And perhaps I’m a meadow where the fairies come to dance. I think so.

What natural landscape are you?


2 thoughts on “A Question

  1. You are certainly a meadow rich with the sweetest grass and flowers, where the most gentle creatures come to be nourished. A meadow is a very special place, especially to animals that live in the woods—a safe meadow where they can enjoy the sun and graze in comfort and security is like a little piece of heaven. And of course you have fairies.

    It’s a very interesting question—I’m so disconnected from the natural world, myself, that I can’t begin to imagine associating myself with some aspect of it. But since people in my life tend to find me simultaneously bracing and refreshing, perhaps I’m one of those ice-cold little snowcap runoff streams that people come across when they’re hiking in the mountains.

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    • Hi David,

      Thank you. Yes that is the idea in my mind of the kind of meadow that I/we are. We like that very much.

      I love those kinds of mountain streams! I love to watch those relaxing videos and winter videos and some of my favorite parts are of the mountain streams, with the land around them and the ice and snow melting into them. 🙂

      Then of course there is the huge big sky out there, which fits in good for you, since you told me you feel more connected to air out of all the elements.

      My element is water so I had to place myself near a small body of water in my imagination, truly an area where animals can come to feed and water. And of course the fairies love to be near water, forests, and meadows.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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