My Good Friday Miracle

On Good Friday I was feeling well enough and strong enough to run a few errands on my bike. I was so very happy to be able to do that. I went to the library and printed and copied out some things that I needed to have in order to mail an important form and was able to mail it later in the day. I got a library book from the library that I have wanted to read for a few years and was very excited about that.

On Good Fridays I have a tradition of trying to do something good for someone else. Sometimes I plan something ahead of time and sometimes I just go out in public waiting for the opportunity.

After the library I stopped at the coffee shop in the library building and ordered a great coffee and sat down for a while to just sit and enjoy the day. I love looking out the front of the building, which is really just a bunch of huge tall windows.

While I was sitting there and looking over the library book I noticed a man and woman talking to each other. She was quite loud, so that even with music playing in there I could hear most of what was being said.

She turned out to be a street ministry person, they do a lot of work downtown helping people they meet to get access to services for homeless and unemployed people. They usually have a tshirt or hoodie on that says what church they are working for by name and their ministry name.

The person that she was talking to was a guy who looked in good shape and clean. He said that he was staying at a friend’s and probably could for the weekend, but the friend didn’t get off work until 2:30 am, and he wasn’t able to stay there while the “friend” was at work. He said that he didn’t have any family living in the area, and basically all they could do was pray for him. I sat there thinking about how sad that would be not to have a place and not having a loved one to spend Easter with and no extra money to go out and have a meal or a snack or anything and maybe not being able to get into a shelter until the next Monday.

As they were leaving I went over to the guy and gave him a twenty dollar bill. He looked down at what I had put in his hand and he looked up at me. His brown eyes had gone all liquid and chocolately like in those chocolate commercials when they show the chocolate all liquid and smooth. He looked like he was ready to cry.

He reached out his hand towards me and said, I can’t keep it.

I said, oh yeah you can, it’s yours. Good luck.

That was my Good Friday miracle. 🙂

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