Seven Year Blogging Anniversary

A couple of weeks ago it was my seven year blogging anniversary. I knew it was coming and thought it was wonderful that I have been blogging here on this blog for seven years. I’ve been thinking back over these years and how I am now and how much healing I have gone through. I am especially proud of all the healing work I have done in the last three years on self-image and self-love.

I was speaking on the phone recently to my advocate from the women’s shelter and she asked, how was I doing and what have I been up to lately?

I told her something that I am especially proud of; I value myself, I am special.

She told me, everyone is special.

I told her, Of course everyone is special. But I’m special, I am special to me, that is the most important thing. I love myself and I know who I am.

That shows how much things have changed for me.

I am special and I know it. I can evaluate all my good qualities and I no longer discount them. Well, okay, once in a while I do discount myself. But I catch myself right away and re-frame it so that I am trying to give myself all the credit that I deserve. I don’t judge myself more harshly than I would anyone else and I try really hard not to judge anyone else.

6 thoughts on “Seven Year Blogging Anniversary

    • Hi David,

      Thanks so much. You are our only blog friend, from seven years ago, that is still blogging. We think that is ever so very special. We really treasure that.

      We’ve known and interacted with so many wonderful bloggers and have loved so many of them. It has meant so much to us and brought us so much happiness and healing.

      Thanks for being our blog friend. 🙂

      We are so glad that we are able to see the good things and we discount all the things that we have been taught are our fault or that are supposed to be bad things, but are really just the result and aftereffects of being a child sexual abuse survivor.

      It is still hard when someone says something nice about us, like you writing that we are special and unique. We believe it, but we end up doubting ourselves when someone else affirms it. We believe that some day it will be very easy to hear or read that and not feel doubt about it. We are looking forward to that day. Thanks for seeing the good in us. It means so much. 🙂

      Good and healing thoughts to you, to the queens, and to those you love.


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      • Dear David,

        Awww. Thanks so much dear David.

        We luff you. We don’t say luff most of the time, cause it is a special kind of love. For example we luff our blog friend Granny and our online best friend Fish too. We don’t know how to define it, but we know it when we feel it, we feel it very rarely for someone.

        We luff you.

        Good and healing thoughts to yous.



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