Supposedly It Snowed on Wednesday

I have no proof of that now. I just took out my trash and recycleables and there was no snow left on the ground. I even took my camera with me to get a photo to post here. Supposedly there was a couple of inches on Wednesday. The temp got up to 42 degrees F on Thursday afternoon, so it is completely gone. I don’t know if there was any snow from personal experience, because I didn’t want to see any snow. It got up to 50 degrees on both Monday and Tuesday. I was really hoping that Spring was here. In the morning I am running errands on my bike. That should be quite an adventure. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Supposedly It Snowed on Wednesday

    • Hello Granny,

      Thank you. I did have a nice bike ride. Slowly I am getting back in the spin of things. The grass is green once again, but the trees are not blooming yet, it is too cold. Yesterday got to feeling about 42, not great, but totally tolerable.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and Gramps.



  1. Wishing the winds of Spring come your way, with lots of nature’s little magic tricks, and much fun on your bike! I’ve been praying and sending energy to you as part of my morning routine. ❤

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    • Hi Story,

      Thank you! You are so wonderful to me. I have been feeling better since you started and am sure you had something big to do with that.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and to Willow and to all the animals around yous.



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