The Last Two Weeks

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take the pain medication one night. I hadn’t been using them for a while, but my legs and hips were giving me a lot of pain, so I thought I might do that. I had bought some green grapes and was not feeling very good and hadn’t eaten and I need to eat before taking the pain medication and so had some grapes. They were not very good, kind of sour and not really fit for eating. So I stopped and took the pain med. An hour later I was feeling much worse in my tummy and mistakenly decided to eat some more grapes.

Those extra grapes refunded on me; in a repeat of an incident in September when I was combining pain meds and several antibiotics. I wish that my brain worked better when I was sick, so that I could make really good health choices when I need to.

I really have to say that my head was not being very awake and rational when I did eat more food. I know better, but really my brain doesn’t work very well when I am sick or in a great deal of pain. I also refunded a small amount of water the next day and did not eat anything at all that next day, out of concern that it would not stay down. So my tummy was not feeling good. I laid in bed and tried to sleep. I used some peppermint essential oil and that usually helps, but the last few times it doesn’t work so good, I guess because the issue is really bad. My head and ears hurt so bad and I had dizziness and vertigo once again. Then my eyes started hurting bad again.

Three days later I did go out and eat out and buy groceries. Within two days I got flu symptoms, no vomiting again, though, thank goodness. This went on for three days until I finally gave up trying to get better on my own and took pepto bismol.I knew I was in a lot of pain, but noticed that my whole inner abdomenal area was in intense pain from the uproar it was going through.

I have never taken this product before as an adult, the smell has been enough in the past to gag me. I hate chalk and it is very difficult to cope with that texture as well. Textures have always been an issue in my life, since I was very small. Luckily I finally relented and it made my digestive system call down some and then again the next day. I guess I was pretty lucky that it got better. Next time I will try to use more products sooner to get better sooner.

So I’ve just been laying around, recovering slowly. Not real happy about that. But with my long-term chronic pain and health issues it is nothing new or surprising.

I finally realized that all the ear and head pain, dizziness, vertigo, and nausea, and eye issues were caused by taking the pain med, so I think that I am done with that.  Yes they cause horrible headaches, but I didn’t really connect the other issues with the pain med, but now I do. All of the issues have been lingering, so that is awful, but I am hoping that like when I stopped taking them in January, that the head issues will all get better eventually.

It had been warmer this past week and I wanted to go out more, but I just wasn’t sure that I would have the energy in order to deal with biking around, so I’ve stayed inside instead. My energy level has been kind of low. Later today I’m going to an early St. Patrick’s Day family celebration. I’m thinking that I will have fun and enjoy it. I’m feeling much improved and looking forward to the spring.

8 thoughts on “The Last Two Weeks

  1. Oh man, that sounds miserable. A couple of thoughts…I’m going to give back to you some advice you gave to me, which was *brilliant.* Because I live alone, and I’ve left my body during pain or illness enough times that I don’t always remember what I need or what I should and shouldn’t do, I made myself a checklist of reminders, and posted it on my fridge. This really saved my ass recently when I was too sick to leave the house to work, but I wouldn’t have remembered that without the checklist. An item on yours should definitely be: Never eat anything with acid (fruit, soda, etc.) when your stomach hurts or is upset. It’s hard to be conscious of that stuff in the moment.

    Second thing: if you can find them, activated charcoal capsules work much better than Pepto-Bismol, and because they’re like a pill, there’s no taste. You’ll have to be aware that they turn stool dark while you’re using them, but they are really effective for excess acid in the gut, and also for any type of food poisoning or food sensitivity. The charcoal just sort of absorbs and neutralizes everything. Many pharmacies carry them, and so do most health food stores/departments.

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    • Hi David,

      Thanks so much for the excellent advice. I had started a list, as making lists is one of my goals for this year. I haven’t gotten very far along so haven’t printed it out yet, and I promise to continue working on that.

      Thanks so much for the recommendation of the charcoal! I will definitely get that the next time I drop into the health store. Incredible. I don’t know why I didn’t ask at the store for suggestions about that. I am very happy and actually looking forward to feeling so much better with the charcoal, when I am feeling so sick again.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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      • Weirdly, even a lot of health food folks don’t know about how charcoal can work…it’s most often recommended for poisoning, but it works for all kinds of other stuff, too. And best of all, it’s not expensive.

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      • I remember seeing charcoal used many years ago on an Animal Planet show about a veterinarian clinic, and they would use it on dogs all the time when they got poisoned. I have read about it over the years and when I read your comment it clicked in my mind, great. 🙂 So happy to have another choice, as I seem to get serious stomach upset since the surgery and that might happen more often for a while. Thanks again.

        Good and healing thoughts to you and the queens.



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