Stuff My Family Says 1

Feel free to replace the word “stuff” in this post title with the words shit or crap, cause that is the quality of what some of them say to me.

Since I don’t see some members of my family much I am not so much surprised that they don’t know me, don’t believe me when I say something, and don’t exhibit in any way any compassion, understanding, care, love, etc. on and on. But I am still surprised, just not so much anymore. After all they did grow up in the same home as I had and if they had, and had cared about me or listened to anything that I did or that happened to me, they would remember and know all the things that they apparently can’t be bothered with.

They don’t know me. They don’t get me. They don’t exhibit love and compassion in their energy, words, or actions. Truly that does still boggle my mind. Because after all I’m exceptional. 🙂

Recently I saw a few of them and, of course, they did not disappoint my expectations of them.

Me: A statement about how bad my ear health is and how sensitive my ears have been.

My brother: Well if that were true, you would have very bad and sensitive ears.

Me: Yes. Yes I do.

This is someone who hugs me hello and goodbye and who says he loves me.

I seriously think sometimes that they never knew me and really acting as though I am being dramatic or hyperbolic instead of being me and being honest. I just don’t know where the hell this shit that they say comes from.

I wonder where he was when I had all those ear infections as an adult and as a little child. Some times he was right in the same room with me. They really make me shake my head and wonder where they were and what they were thinking and how little did they care and love me.

2 thoughts on “Stuff My Family Says 1

    • He’s not the sort of person who has difficulties and he said much worse that day. I think he loves me, it just doesn’t translate into a lot of anything that expresses it and he is very expressive towards our sister, so I know he can and does, and he used to be very kind and loving to me, just not for years and years.

      I appreciate your comment. It is nice of you to say. Though I can’t agree with it. And it is okay. Love is an action to me and always has been. He used to prove it, he hasn’t in a very long time.



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