Healing Quotes Teens 623

“Being a positive person doesn’t mean you have to be bubbly, chipper & happy 24/7. It is okay to feel down. You are only human and it is part of the human experience. Don’t suppress these feelings when they come. Acknowledge them. Feel them. And accept them as a chapter in your journey. You can’t fast forward through parts of the movie and fully grasp the whole narrative. Just like you can’t fast forward through the bad parts in your life and expect it all to make sense. Keep watching and you’ll learn to understand why certain experiences were significant to the overall story. Being positive isn’t the absence of pain. Find meaning to the struggle and see the light in the distance no matter how far away it may seem at the time. Have faith those bad feelings are just temporary visitors.”
~ happyvibes-healthylives.tumblr.com/

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