A Guy on the Stairs

I was taking out my recycles a few hours ago. I was resting on the steps. I try to always be polite to everyone in the building and had never been hit on in the building and have always been treated well by guys inside the building.

Guy: You live here?

Me: Yes on this floor.

In this building?

Yes. (I guess he is unsure what I had just said. My body language is saying go away, I am not interested in you.)

He indicated he lives down the hall.

He: Are you married?

No. And never will be. (To dissaude him.)

He: Do you have a boyfriend?

No. And never will be. (To dissaude him from hitting on me. Why I still do this I cannot say. I should just tell them I’m not interested in them when they start to “chat me up.”.)

He: Do you want to get to know one another?

Me: No. No I don’t.

And I walked away from him.

I’m not interested in guys I’m not interested in and I hate being hit on by someone I don’t like or don’t trust or am not attracted to in one way or another. It’s not looks it is about their soul, their energy, their being and I know right away.

6 thoughts on “A Guy on the Stairs

    • Hi Vic,

      Thanks. I am currently reevaluating what I will say and do the next time.

      I hope once was enough for this guy. If not I will talk to the apartment manager.

      I know that theoretically there are guys out there that I would want to talk to. That is enough to say no to someone that I don’t want. It’s for the best for me.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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    • Hi Granny,

      I agree with you. Obviously he was looking for some woman to take advantage of. He might not be a citizen and be looking for a woman to marry so he could get his green card. Creepy.

      I will keep my boundaries firm. I know that some guys have an agenda I am not at all interested in and that makes it easy to say no to them; guys that I don’t want to be involved with who don’t know how to talk to a woman.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



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