Feeling Better

I am doing better, health wise, but am still not doing great. I would love to be doing great.

I still get dizzy and vertigo a few times a day, but am happy to report that it is not happening all the time. Which is excellent.  🙂 Unfortunately ear infections are something that I have had all my life. In fact, I think that they got much worse after I turned 18, though I have no idea why that was, especially since getting away from my mother was probably the best thing that I have ever done.

I titled this post, feeling better, and what is” hilarious” is that the permalink came up with the title with a 2 after it, which means that I’ve posted this title before, though probably not as many times as I should have. So you can see that I am lacking some originality today, and for about the last ten days, at least.

No matter what I have been taking good care of myself and that is a great thing for me. I’m really proud of how much progress and healing I have had in the last few years. And it has been huge in the last year. That makes me so happy.

I have an appointment later this week with my internist doc, who I love, and I am hoping a lot that she will give me a great antibiotic for my ear and sinus issues. Here is to hoping. I’m thinking positively.  🙂

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