Holiday Presents for My Peeps

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and I wanted to give my peeps holiday presents.

If you are not sure you are one of my peeps, and you read this blog and/or leave messages to me on your blog or mine, you are one of my peeps.

So here are the holiday presents for my peeps. You can choose what you would like. You can choose one of them or all of them:

1) Reiki distance healing. To you, loved one, or loved ones, your home or living space, your pets.

2) A personalized collage, just for you.

3)A poem, personalized for you.

4)Three card Tarot reading. I can send you an email or we could try to set up a typing chat, if I can manage to figure that out.

5) Introductory session with your spirit guide(s), animal guide(s), or guardian angel.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Presents for My Peeps

    • Hi Tessa,

      I did a Reiki session for you yesterday, as I still consider you on my list, and will try to do it once or twice a week for a while. Please feel free to ask for another gift as well. 🙂

      Each day I keep improving. And I am taking it very easy. 🙂

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi Granny,

      I wrote you a poem. It is posted to my blog. I wanted to try to write a haiku poem for you. It’s only 17 syllables and that’s not a lot to encapsulate what I/we think and feel about you, but I think we did it.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi Liz,

      I’m excited. 🙂 I am hoping I can get it done this week, though I will let you know if I don’t have the energy to dig out all my materials from my 18 gallon storage bin in the next few days. I think I will and have been planning on doing it this week.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.


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