Home Again. Home Again.

I’m happy to report that I am home once again. I’ve been staying at a relatives since my surgery, without wifi, except for a couple of quick checks from my phone.

My surgeon said that my surgery went excellent, so that is great. I love my surgeon. When I saw her right before surgery she was smiling and happy and she exuded healing energy. That felt great. I knew I was in the right person’s hands.

Things went right from the moment I met my first nurse. She looked at my wristband and read off my birth date and said me too, I was born on May 15th, we’re Taurus twins! She was great to me and even though I wasn’t feeling nervous or scared, but instead was feeling bossy and cranky, she soon turned around my mood. As she was leaving the pre-op room, she turned around and said, Good bye Taurus Woman! She was great. Everything went great after her.

I was wheeled into the operating room and quite soon was completely out. I woke up while coughing in recovery with my recovery nurse. I was having a lot of difficulty talking and my throat hurt an incredible amount. My recovery nurse was a babe and so hot! He was so sweet and so kind too. He started out by talking to me a lot, that really helped. He joked around and was very light and easy. He was very depreciating, calling himself a nerd. I said, Hey I love nerds… I am a nerd. He said, well then lets talk movies, and then he entertained me by talking about how much he was looking forward to the new Star Wars movie. We had a great time. Almost half of my responses were a thumbs up.

When it was almost time for me to leave him I told him, you are such a cutie. He didn’t say anything. It wasn’t the meds, I really wanted to tell him that. He was younger than me and so I tried to make it seem like I was not hitting on him or being inappropriate, but he totally was a cutie. Lol. So I did.

Then I went back into another room, in the same area where I started, and was there about 45 more minutes, with another nurse. My sister was in there and she was getting unhappy with my responses, cause I didn’t need or want her to do everything for me. She said, you know you’re bossy? Like it was an insult. I said, Yeah I know I am. Lol. I think I should have hung out there in bed for another half hour, but really I just wanted to go, so we left when I got permission.

So I stayed for three days at my sister’s house and when I needed something she helped me. I think she had an idea in her mind that I would be feeling a lot worse and want a lot more care and work than I needed and that was frustrating for her, mostly because she thought that I was refusing help when I needed it rather than realizing that I really didn’t need the help.

She had had her gall bladder taken out some years ago and she had to have a second procedure because of obstruction of the bile duct by gall stone(s). She was feeling so much pain and not knowing what was going on went to the emergency room for help. So I think she was comparing her levels of recovery and pain with mine. I’m happy to say that I am recovering at a very good rate.

Today I walked completely without my cane, and that is saying a lot. Coming home I used my cane because I was walking more outside the building and inside it and going up flights of stairs and did not want to overdo things, but I think that I did overdo it. But I am resting now and recovering okay.

I’m looking forward to feeling much better. Thinking of you all. Good and healing thoughts to you all and to those you love.

8 thoughts on “Home Again. Home Again.

  1. Awesome!! Glad things are going so smoothly!

    Okay, have to ask – how did you get the “snowing” effect on your blog? Is it a theme or a widget or something I am totally clueless about?!

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    • Hi


      It is a free feature at wordpress for the month of december and has been for a few years. You just have to
      enable it. On your dashboard go to settings and the general settings and then scroll down and check the box that says snow falling on my blog and then save changes.


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