Update: Hospital Visit for Wednesday

I had to re-schedule my surgery for this Wednesday at 11 am central time.

It was snowy and icy and my ride was not going to pick me up and get me to the hospital on time, due to road conditions, so I had to call and cancel my surgery. I hate having to rely on any of my relatives.

I don’t know if other places go through this each winter, but here when we have the first snow that stays on the ground, all the drivers go insane. I realize that it has only been a matter of months since they drove in snow, but they seem to be incapable of remembering how to drive in snow and unable to do so safely and timely. It happens every year people. The cars crawl along and that is usually just with a little ice and snow.

I consider myself lucky that they were able to give me another appointment time only two days from today. Here is hoping.

4 thoughts on “Update: Hospital Visit for Wednesday

    • It is so weird people freak out over stuff they know how to do and then get really bad at the skill they are supposed to be doing. I suppose that happens a lot of the time when someone freaks out. Anyway thanks for letting me know that the issue is spread out and not just here. Lol.

      Thanks for thinking of me for my surgery today. 🙂 Good and healing thoughts to you and the queens.



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