My Fathers 3

Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, from the tv series Foyle’s War

Acted by Michael Kitchen:

I love Michael Kitchen. Ever since I first saw him in the movie Enchanted April, one of my favorite healing movies. He has a understated way of acting, but he acts deeply, in my opinion. His face is very subtle, but very expressive to me.

I was very happy to find him acting in the show Foyle’s War, as the main character, Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle. The show is set during World War 2 in a vulnerable area of England, in the county of Devon. He has an adult son who is a fighter pilot and yet he loves him, is concerned for him, spends time with him, and it is obvious that he still considers him his son, in a very sweet and tender way. Foyle also seems to parent and guide many people he works with in the show.

He thinks deeply and explains his thought processes. He listens to others and is willing to learn and grow and change. We love that a lot. He is intelligent, which has always been so important to us. He is so lovely and we love him so much. I wish he was my father.

My father:

Look at his smile.  Isn’t he just beautiful?  🙂

Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle.

Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle and Samantha Stewart, his driver and assistant, acted by Honeysuckle Weeks.

12 thoughts on “My Fathers 3

    • Hmmm… great minds think alike. 🙂

      I’ve seen the series over and over. There are so many episodes that I love so much. But one of my current favorites would have to be when he decides to help the young man who is accused of being a traitor, working for the Nazis, The Hide Series 6, Episode 3. He was so sweet and gentle to the young man, who was dealing with bombing trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a repressed memory coming back to consciousness. It really touched our heart. But then again, his character, played by Michael Kitchen seems as though it must be true to life, he does it so well. Just our opinion.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.


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      • I’ve seen only the first three episodes, and then I got so excited that I ordered the whole series on DVD because I know I’ll want to watch them again and again. I can’t wait for them to get here!


      • Dear David,

        Oh I kind of really envy you, having that to look forward to. Dude it is available on Netflix, if you absolutely can’t wait for it to arrive, but I know what you mean, for a short time it was not available on Netflix and I was in a total snit about it. Before I had Netflix I used to get Foyle’s seasons from the library over and over. If I could afford it, I would have all of the show, this is definitely on my fantasy wish list of tv series that I have on amazon.

        Good and healing thoughts to you.


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      • I did get the first few episodes from Netflix, but then I decided I wanted it at my disposal, permanently. 🙂 Waiting for it to get here (the full series is just being released today) had been an enjoyable anticipation. I might actually wait until Christmas to watch any more of the episodes, because I’m kind of weird about stuff that way.

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      • Yes yes yes.

        I loved him so much and was so creeped out by him in House of Cards. Oh my god, just thinking about him in that makes my skin crawl. I haven’t seen the Americanized House of Cards. I find it hard to believe that anything could be as exceptional as the original.

        But I have to say one of my all-time favorite parts he played was in the movie Year of the Comet. It is currently not available on dvd, but it used to be on vhs. He played the father of the lead female character. I absolutely love him in that movie. I recently had my sister watch the movie with me and she loved it a lot. Have you ever seen it?

        Good and healing thoughts to you.


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      • I haven’t seen that, but I will look it up. He was *so* creepy in House of Cards, agreed. The American version doesn’t even touch it for creepiness, though the American version is more subtle…it has to be, since the events of the British House of Cards were specific to their political system, which is very unlike ours.

        I can’t remember whether you’ve seen the adaptation of Gormenghast…if you haven’t, I recommend it. Amazing, and he does a lovely job as the library-obsessed Lord Groan.

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  1. Hi David,

    I started thinking that I was not being clear about Netflix. They have Foyle’s War on streaming now, once again. I wasn’t sure if I was being clear about that. I know that they deleted them from streaming a while ago, but they are available on streaming once again.

    I have not seen Gormenghast. I have to admit that when it came out I tried to watch it on PBS. But I just couldn’t get into it. Odd that you mention it because I had put it on my Netflix list recently.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.



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