Only 7 More Episodes Left

Right now I’m watching The Daily Show. When I’m done with this episode, that means I will only have seven new episodes before Jon Stewart officially leaves the show. I love the show, we love the show. I love Jon Stewart. We love Jon Stewart.

Even though I have known about him leaving the show for a while, I am still not prepared for it. I have already cried a couple of times about this. I tried to talk about it last week to a family member and only ended up getting too choked up to speak and then crying.

No he is not dying. And no he is not retiring from working in the entertainment business. His movie, Rosewater, which we have seen and knew about the content in advance, is about imprisonment and torture of a citizen by a country, which was grueling and triggering rather than funny. So yes he will still be out there somewhere, just not in my weekly life. He was such a big part of my weekly life. And he won’t be making me laugh over and over each week.

But it feels so awful, so hard, and we are having a tremendous amount of difficulty coping with this. Therapists leave and we are a-okay, but Jon Stewart is someone that we have bonded with, have attached to, and I am just admitting to that, and feel a lot of love and adoration for. And we don’t often feel that way about just anyone. It took years and years for us to develop this much love for him. It took us years and years to feel as though he is our friend. We are feeling very sad. Very sad about all of this.

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