It’s My Birthday Week

It’s my birthday week and it’s my birthday on Wednesday! I’m very excited. We’re all very excited. This year I decided to have a birthday week with eight days, so it started on yesterday, Sunday, and will continue through next Sunday. Eight days sounded about right to us all, so that is what we are going to do.

Yesterday I went to the Dollar Tree store, our favorite dollar store, looking for some craft items to buy. Unfortunately they were out of stock of all the things that I was planning on buying. But I did buy a few craft things and a few puzzles for The Littles and a promise to get to another Dollar Tree store on Thursday, when I will be in the neighborhood, and to look out for some more craft things for them and for our beading crafting.

I had tentatively planned on biking each day of our birthday week, but then a terrible cold rain with wind came into town yesterday evening. There are still wind gusts today and when I checked the temp online I decided not to bike every day this week. It said it feels like 35 degrees outside! I think I would like to wait months to experience that again. It will be cooler this week and that is okay, but today is still too cold for me to adventure out.

Other plans for my birthday week are:

The Littles to watch an animated movie each day. We watched 101 Dalmatians yesterday. The Littles want to start doing some crafts, so we are moving around things today in our living space to make our crafts things near to the computer and tv, so that we will have them all close at hand.

The Teens to read comics. I have some compilations checked out of the library: Thor, X-Men, Hulk, and Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy.

As a very special birthday gift to us all I have added a 2 disc netflix rental subscription. Previously I had just had netflix streaming, which has been very limiting to us since we love movies so much and since the only redbox movie box is on the other side of downtown, a good mile and a half from where I live. It should be very nice to have movies and tv series delivered in our mailbox. It should be very, very nice.:)

I’ll try to write each day about what the special things that we do throughout this week and I think that will help keep me on track by the reminders that will arise. 🙂

6 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday Week

  1. These sound like wonderful birthday treats. I’m glad that you’ve got the Netflix subscription—I’m always surprised how many things aren’t available on the streaming service. You’ll really enjoy the broader options.

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