I’ve Been Tumbling

I’ve been tumbling on tumblr.com for a while. I was planning on doing a post on how I have been using tumblr in my healing work on self esteem and body image for the last four years or so through reading several tumblrs and doing a lot of surfing from them, but it is taking me so long to get a post done on any subject lately. I promise I am working on that one, in my head, and hope to have it posted soon.

In the meantime, here’s the deal. About a month ago I finally set up my own tumblr account. About two weeks ago I started re-blogging a lot of photos and resource posts onto my tumblr blog.

I wanted a tumblr blog because I wanted somewhere that I could post photos easily and quickly without any hassles, mostly from tumblr and pinterest. Like my blog here I decided to make my tumblr be the kind of place that I would want to go to and read. So I made my tumblr a survivor tumblr, with lots of supportive quotes, photos, and resources.

Before I started posting re-blogs I saved up stuff for a couple of weeks. I started writing a list of things I wanted to focus on the tumblr. They are famous healing quotes, resources, artistically rendered quotes, healing quote in a gif, something funny, healing nature, animals, baby animals, healing things, art, creative things, human rights, size acceptance, sexuality positive, gender postive, women positive, male positive, transexual positive, girl positive, boy positive, and things I love, especially reading, books, science-fiction and assorted nerd activities. It’s a place that kind of makes me feel happy and gives me a boost and my hope is that it can do that for others as well. In only a couple of weeks we’ve kind of posted tons of stuff already. Anyway, here is a link to my tumblr:

Kate Is Rising Tumblr

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