Pretty in Paris

Since I advised everyone to do something loving and lovely and good for themselves on Valentine’s Day, if they had no one to do that for them, and actually even if they do, we need some goodness given to ourselves on this traditional love day.

Being loving and kind to ourselves and our body is a good thing to do, any day of the year, but today especially because there is so much focus on romantic love and that this time of year makes it more challenging for those of us without a romantic partner.

Okay, so, I bought myself some lotion, hardly something new and something in line with what I have been doing for myself lately, for my least favorite part of my body. Yesterday evening I went out to the store and bought myself Pretty in Pink moisturizing body cream by bodycology. It wasn’t expensive and so it was well within my price range, and yet it was thick and creamy with shea, because I love shea butter lately. And I love this lotion.

The other part of my gift to myself was to make a commitment to buy a new lotion for myself at least every month, actually I would love to have several lotions sitting around just waiting to tempt me to use them. I like that idea. It seemed like a lovely gift to myself; and you know what, I deserve it.

So do you. Do something.

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