A Present for My Least Favorite Body Part

For Christmas time I had decided to give a present to my least favorite and favorite body part. I wanted to update on how that is going.

For my least favorite body part I decided to buy some wonderful body lotion and use it on myself, especially for my least favorite body part, my bum.

There are two reasons that it is my least favorite body part.

It is in the area of my low back disability, so I have a lot of pain in this area of my body.

It is a part of my body that is very triggering to me and unfortunately a part of my body that others tend to, for some bizarre and inappropriate and boundary-less reason, bump into.

So the day after Christmas, I went to the store for body lotion. Unfortunately I forgot to get the lotion when I was on the second floor of the Target downtown store and discovered that right before I was going to check out and decided to go back upstairs to the back of the store to get the body lotion. I went upstairs and looked over the different kinds of lotion, taking some time in choosing the one that I liked the most.

I checked out and took my purchases home. I was very excited to go through my bags and pick out the lotion. I was shocked to find that the lotion was not in the bags. I was upset and angry at the thought that I might have dropped the lotion out of my bags. I looked over the receipt to find that the lotion had not been charged to me.

In thinking over what could have happened, I distinctly recalled putting the lotion onto the checkout counter. Then I remembered that someone had interrupted the cashier, asking for a pen. She must have put down the lotion and forgot about it, while I was still unloading my cart and not focusing on what the cashier was doing. That sort of bummed me out, cause it was lotion that I had picked out especially as a way of loving my body.

I sat and thought about how sometimes plans just fail. I decided I would try again on another day. I was sitting there thinking and my eyes noticed some lotion. It was a Christmas present from a relative. I thought, well it’s not my present, but it is still lotion and I can use it and buy more next time I am at the store.

The present was great lotion, all thick and creamy. I love it. When I got to the store again I bought the lotion that I had picked out, Toasted Sugar Body Cream. I love the smell! 🙂 Next time I think I will get vanilla bean lotion.

One thought on “A Present for My Least Favorite Body Part

  1. How wonderfully indulgent! I love sweet smelling lotions too! Doesn’t it feel like the ultimate luxury to be bathed in scented cream? And what a lovely idea to be so nice to yourself. My least favorite part of my body is my feet. Maybe they will get some extra pampering tonight. Thanks for the idea!


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