Ghosts of Roommates Past Part 7

Trying to get far and fast away from miss crazy in crazytown is the reason I ended up with the lazy worthless alcoholic fraudulent roommate who worked on average one day a week, yeah I moved and everything but I was still living in crazytown. I moved somewhere that I shouldn’t have moved to, to get away from an intolerable situation, only to find the worst roommate of all time.

So for the second half of that winter I had the awful alcoholic lying fraudulent roommate and my bedroom faced the awful, ugly, and derelict back parking lot, and it really was a winter because it was cold and horrid, snowing even into early May.

I despised her and everything to do with her and tried to stay in my bedroom most of the time, so that I did not have to have anything to do with her, unless absolutely necessary. She blasted her tv and her music and her three geriatric cats stunk up our shared space, so I much preferred being away from that or in my room with the door shut and the fan blowing towards the door so that it didn’t stink and to hopefully cover up some of the noise.

I realize that the smell would have been tolerable if she only changed their litter box more than every three or four days. Three cats should have meant more than one box and changing them at least once a day. When we had to deal with the bug spray, she decided that she needed to move the litter box and even suggested moving it very near my bedroom door, in the hallway. I refused and told her she could put it in the kitchen or in the bathroom or in her bedroom. She picked the kitchen. Amazingly she did not decide to change it more often. I was just marking time and looking for a way out of them. I had much bigger battles with her, over much more important issues, than her elderly cats and their stink, so I never addressed an obvious issue.

There were so many awful atrocious despicable things about her, the apartment, the apartment manager, the situation that I went to live in a women’s shelter for a month, out of desperation to get away from her crazy ass. I really had nowhere else to go and no finances to move into something that would cost more.

I’m sure that you can see all the same patterns repeating themselves over and over. I knew that I had to find a place were I could live alone and afford. I was so determined to get away from everyone and to finally be alone, the only way that I knew I could trust someone, me, and be safe and happy.

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