Ghosts of Roommates Past Part 5

It was horrible a few years ago when I lived in a basement and basically did not have a window that I could see anything much from the little windows that I had.I loved living there, for the most part, but knew that I did not want to live in a basement for the rest of my life.

Having someone like me enough to offer me to move in with her was such a compliment, so nice, and really saved me from an awfully abusive roommates situation. She gave me a place to live, there really is nothing else to say about that.

I quickly grew to love my housemate, and the doggies, and her and I became friends, that is the best part of living with someone else, but a part that I only got from her. Every other roommate proved to be awful.

Still there were tons of problems there. The furnace did not work properly, it would shut down oddly when it got really cold, even though she knew the problem she would not hire someone to fix it and even though she said she could do the fix herself, she did not. I used my space heater. The doors to my bedroom and bathroom had cracks and spaces around them that anyone outside them could stare inside, at me, if someone had wanted to, giving me no sense of safety nor privacy. I hated that.

The noise from upstairs was very loud, not being properly private and loud enough to be very triggering to me. Often relatives would come over. All of them smoked and drank and that was still triggering to me and difficult with my health issues. Still my housemate did not smoke in our shared spaces downstairs, making it more tolerable for me.

They all had keys, including the two fuckers from the other house, so that I never felt as though my property and privacy were safe. I wanted to tell them what I thought of them, that they were scum, sociopaths, narcissists, abusers, liars, but I didn’t for peace and for my housemate. I’m pretty sure that they have a very good idea of what I think of them.

I loved having doggies around and loved them like they were my own. Well they are my own. We went on bike rides together, me biking, them walking. They made me laugh, they made me laugh, they made me laugh. Their love for me knocked me over, again and again.

Moving out of there was awful and traumatic. I had to move out, because family members of my roommate wanted to move in and live there. Again I had to save up money to find a new place and put down a first month’s rent and deposit and to pay for help for moving. It seemed to be down from there, until I got my own apartment 18 months ago. And since then it has been up from there. 🙂

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