My Poetry

Next Year is Leap Year

next year is leap year
and so my mind
started to whirl

if by next year
I fall in love
with someone
worthy of me

if next year
my body has
less pain
my mind
more clarity

if next year
I meet
someone who
wants to see me

and wants to
be with me
then let them
I say

if next year
I think
I breathe
I live


maybe, I say,
let love
come for me

but if
next year
someone loves me
and if
I love them enough

let them ask

the mind ran wild
in one moment
just figuring out
next year
the year
of leaping

sometimes sexism
works that way
without thought
showing indoctrination,
occupation of the mind

men can
offer marriage
every year
women only
every fourth

does that
mean we are
only one
fourth as good?

or four times as good?

but why can’t we
just be

~ Kate

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