Ghosts of Roommates Past Part 4

I next lived in a house with two pathological lying narcissists who lied to me about everything. They tried to blame me because I had problems with the other roommate, guess who, a lying narcissist alcoholic druggie out of work for two years.

He would have all night long druggie drinking parties with up to three adult men, men he would invite to come over, in the bedroom that shared a wall with my bedroom. He was shocked and amazed and denied that three drunk druggie men in a bedroom overnight made any disturbances, noise, etc. Seriously what kind of man has two other men spend the night to have a movie drinking party with a giant bed, a table and three men, and barely enough room for one of them to navigate to the bathroom? Who thinks that is normal? Who thinks that is acceptable?

He made fun of me when I introduced myself to him, telling him of my college degrees and my majors, because he was making nasty comments about my being on disability, acting as though I was unworthy of life, liberty, etc. Apparently he just had to say that most people who have psychology degrees are mentally challenged and a bunch of freaks. Well so are a portion of the population and almost all of my roommates.

Well the two guys who also lived there and who were in “charge” were also lying manipulative, narcissists, beer swilling drunks, and, druggies too. I would never have moved in there if they had told me the truth. Seriously we are two lame guys, boyfriends who are not working much, who drink and do drugs, who smoke all the time, who don’t own the house and really have no legal right to rent out the rooms, since the real owner was the mother of one of the guys who posed as the owners before I moved in and I discovered that they were even refusing to pay rent or heat or electricity to the mother and true owner and were stealing the rent money from the renters by lying and pretending that they were the owners or had any legal right to rent out any space in the place, home, and were making almost $1500 a month while committing fraud to disability claiming there were not making income, even going to the food shelf and to getting other assistance while making lots of money, and a mother that they were abusing and exploiting.

They were classic abusers, trying to throw blame on anyone else rather than take any responsibility for their own life, their own choices, their own actions. I was blamed for having issues with the smoking, the loudness, the disturbances, the overnight partying by another tenant. They threatened to have me evicted if I did not stop telling them of the issues I had. So I pretended and as much as possible talked to none of them.

The paranoid tenant accused me, to the two guys, of listening at his door, when his bedroom door was less than a foot from my bedroom door and on the way to the bathroom. I hated him and his friends and at no time did I want to hear even one word from any of them.

After that I put my portable dvd player’s headphones on and listened to music whenever I was outside my bedroom, even when going to the bathroom. Late one night he threw open his bedroom door with an ah-ha look on his face and another accusation on his lips only for him to stop dead when he saw that I had headphones on and could hear that I was listening to music.

He even threatened to file a complaint with the police against me and when one was finally called by the two guys for a drunk party after ten pm, right before I moved out, he actually asked a police officer what he could do if someone was listening at his bedroom door. The police officer told him that since it was a shared hallway with two bedrooms close together anyone who lived there had a legal right to be in the hallway any time that they wanted to and that he had no cause to file a complaint. Forgetting the fact that the accusation was complete bullshit.

I would have gotten out of there sooner, but they had wanted a very high deposit, being on a fixed income, and as well as moving across country I was pretty broke and had to stay there.

I was pretty punchy through lack of sleep the whole time I lived there. It took me about a month of a lot of sleep to even attempt to catch up after five months with them and five months with my brother.

A month after moving in another guy moved in there, making it four guys who smoked like chimneys, even though I had been told that there would not be smoking in the house which was very important to me due to my health issues, and two dogs that got very little supervision, often left in the backyard to bark viciously and repeatedly at every little thing. My fan was often on high to try to cover up some of the noise. Still I didn’t get much sleep and no peace.

The guy with the dogs was a great guy and very nice to me, but we had few interactions and that was fine with me. I wasn’t there to make friend or have a party. I was there to live, have peace, watch my own tv, listen to music, have my own safe space, and to find another place to move to.I was an ideal quite, often gone, roommate and that was how I am when living with someone else.

I soon grew to love the dogs but refused to be used, abused, or exploited by the two guys when they tried to get me to take care of them. They were profiting by the rent of the owner of the two dogs by charging him more for the dogs, not me, and I would not give them my free labor by taking care of them, picking up the backyard of poop, or keeping them in my bedroom overnight when they tried to get me to. I wasn’t their slave and I wasn’t going to do anything for the two guys.

They were despicable people and they probably haven’t changed much since then. When I think of them, I have to admit, that I still feel a sense of seething hatred towards them. One I know for sure he is still doing his evil ways, manipulating, using, and exploiting his mommy and her sense of personal responsibility to him, and the other I am glad to say I know nothing about for several years. That fills my heart with joy.

I was lucky and so happy to be able to move out of there after five months. It was through this house that I met my future roommate and present friend, a sister of one of the guys from the other house.

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