4th Advent Sunday

Well for my 4th Sunday in Advent I had a great time. I had a little party, all for myself. We made wonderful hamburgers and had wonderful treats. I love the lights I had on in my Christmas tree. I love Christmas trees and Christmas lights.

The most important part of my Advent celebration that day was the wonderful feeling that I had of accomplishment for celebrating the Advent each of the four Sundays. I’ve wanted to do that for a very long long time, and I did it! It made me very happy. As someone who loves to celebrate holidays, lots of different kinds, I was happy and excited to be able to do this. It also brought me such a sense of accomplishment, because I had been trying to do some Advent celebrations for many years.

My celebration was only halfway through when I started making plans for the coming year’s Advent celebration. What I really knew from managing to celebrate this year is that it is lots easier for me to have low expectations and to start very very small. Doing it has given me a boost to my self-esteem, accomplishing something new is always a big deal for me and doing this brought me happiness and self-esteem. I hadn’t counted on that, but it has been great. Yes I did something that I wanted to do for a long time.

I plan on slowly to add to the holiday celebration by planning ahead, and starting to get supplies and making a few crafts months in advance.I think that is all doable.

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