I have been saying this aloud lately to society, so it was nice to find a blog friend who had reblogged this, so I too could find it. Thanks Robert.

Lauren Kocher

I would like to note that the following post was inspired by I Swear written by the amazing Walker Karraa, founder of Stigmama.

f stigma 

Fuck Stigma

Fuck your glorified concept of normal

Fuck your ignorance and pity

Fuck the idea it is all in my head

Fuck just “getting over it”

Fuck Stigma

Fuck your ideas of what

Life sustaining medication is

Fuck you, I am a good mom

Fuck the loss of my fine motor skills

At least I am alive

Fuck Stigma

Fuck depression

swallowing me whole

Just think happy thoughts, Right?

This is not Neverland

Fuck Stigma

Fuck all the things

You think you know

about mental illness

It is all bullshit anyway

Fuck Stigma

Fuck the media

Who paint us out to be monsters

I am not here for

Your ratings

Fuck Stigma

Fuck societal standards

I am not less of a person

My feelings are…

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