3rd Advent Sunday

I’m happy to say that I have been continuing my Advent Sunday celebrations and enjoying them.

Last Sunday I had decided to change things around a little bit. I chose to have a pizza party for one. I love pizza and since I don’t have it often and didn’t have it for several years due to gluten restrictions, I am glad that I found a great gluten free pizza that is good and affordable as well.

I had a great time. The usual stuff: music, a candle, the manger scene, some Christmas tv specials, the Christmas tree lit up, food I enjoy.

I had been slowly decorating my small apartment for the Christmas season. That always makes me/us very happy. It is amazing to me how much joy a few decorations can bring to me. I have decided like last year I am going to keep up my decorations for a while after the holiday. It brings me joy and I like that.

I think that everyone should feel free to do the little things that bring them joy all through the year and Christmas stuff is something that brings me joy. I know this is a hard thing for survivors of childhood abuse to figure out and to figure out how to do and how to be good to themselves. I think it is an essential part of life and healing to learn how to be good to yourself and to do good self-care.

I hope that you can do something that you enjoy this month and I hope you continue doing something good and happy for yourself in the coming new year. Good and healing thoughts to us all.

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