Winter Solstice Ideas

Here are some winter solstice ideas that I liked a lot:

Decorate homespace with found items of nature.

Setting an intention for celebration.

Watch the first winter sunset.

Solstice lanterns.

Use candles to light your home.

Set intentions for the upcoming year.

Bell ringing ceremony.

Fire releasing ceremony.

I’ve done a fire releasing ceremony in the past. It was tremendously healing and focusing. We wrote down everything that we wanted to release and heal from and then the rolled up list was burned, outside. I would like to do that again, perhaps at the new year, if it is possible.

For my celebration of Solstice this Sunday I am going to have candles, though artificial ones, do a short bell ringing ceremony, with my favorite crystal bell, and set intention for the coming new year.

A short explanation of my intention for the new year is homespace and what that entails, inner reality space, my living space, and the reality of myself that I take with me wherever I go, accepting myself and my life and the things that I am and that I love and do, so that I take my self-love and self-acceptance with me wherever I go. I’ve been working on several of these issues for some time this year, so this will be exciting because I see that I have done a huge amount of healing and progress in these areas and I’m really and seriously looking forward to my healing path in 2015.

I’m sure that I’ll be writing more about that in the near future.

One thought on “Winter Solstice Ideas

  1. Thank you for sharing these ideas, I missed the winter solstice and the official New Year’s Eve/Day. I think I may do my own now because I am also seeking self love and acceptance from this year forward. I hope and pray you find your own inner peace, healing, and acceptance during this year.

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