A Thanksgiving Memory, A Good One

Since I wrote a bad and an ugly post about Thanksgiving time when I was eleven years old, I wanted to complete the trilogy and do a good one as well.

On Thanksgiving morning, that year, my brothers, around my age, and I were so happy to see the beautiful snow. I suppose if you grew up with snow you recall the joy a fresh snowfall can bring, especially early in the winter season before you have gotten frozen and sodden over and over trudging through the snow. Still, as children, we loved to be outside, in the heat and in the cold.

It had snowed over night, about four inches of pure white snow and it was so shiny and bright outside. That clarity of the day outside stays bright in my mind; the beauty, the purity, the joy. My mother wouldn’t allow us to go outside, which really I don’t understand that. We had to stay inside.

After a lovely meal we all had too much energy and were finally allowed to get all bundled up to go out and play in the snow. I remember we were all so excited.

We all went out at the same time and just stood in front of the huge huge lawn before us, full of the loveliest snow. We didn’t run all over and throw snow balls or fight or build forts or anything like that. But it wasn’t like we had decided consciously or unconsciously, but something magical, to my way of thinking, happened instead.

We all started pacing around in a huge circle together, shuffling our winter boots so that we were making a path. The circle was more than twenty feet in diameter. As I said it was a huge yard area. Finally we had shuffling the snow out of the way of our boots and all stepped out of the circle after running around it over and over. By some kind of agreement we left it there, this huge snow circle.

If I was looking for meaning I might say circles can mean:
















I can see some of that in our joint making of our magical circle, our little homemade mandela full of pure and pristine white snow. But really I am not looking for extra meanings beyond the fact that we were so exuberant and pleased with nature, with the coming of winter, and wanted to put our own creative impact upon the purity and perfection of so much glistening snow. It’s an image that still stands out strong in my memories and still brings me joy.

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