A Trigger Holiday

Halloween is often a trigger holiday for survivors of ritual abuse. As a survivor of ritual abuse myself, there were many years that I was very triggered around this time of year. Over the years I’ve dealt with lots and lots of ritual abuse survivor triggers. It’s not something I post about very often on the blog, but it is a part of my daily life, daily coping, and daily healing. It’s hard to find the words.

I’ve been very blocked for over a year about many things that I want to write about on this blog. I think that I used to write better, more thoughtfully crafted blog posts. Admitting to these issues here are a part of healing from it, slowly making it better through sharing and in sharing finding a measure of healing just from the sharing.

In trying to overcome these blockages I’ve decided that writing is more important than always crafting a good sentence, though I’m sure that I haven’t always written perfectly. Perfectionism is an issue that has plagued me all my life. Since it can never be achieved, though it always convinces it’s victim that it should be achieved, it is a real double-bind, Catch-22, and blockage to achieving almost everything in life.

I’ve found some success in fighting the grip of perfectionism. I have given myself permission to be imperfect. 🙂 Some areas of my life, I’ve found, are easier to be imperfect in. I’ll try to post more about that process in the near future.

I am trying to find the words, the sentences, the paragraphs. If the words and sentences are at times stilted I believe that others will understand, the topics are so difficult for me and I am buried underneath a mountain of blockages. I am trying to overcome that by just writing. I believe that I will find the words, as I struggle, as I continue to post more often. I will write the words.

Being a ritual abuse survivor is difficult and problematic most of the time. Ritual abuse creates a lot of hyper phobias, ones that most people cannot relate to and cannot understand or think are normal aversions or phobias or choose not to understand. There is a lot of stigma, denial, and disbelief around the reality of ritual abuse. I hope that in some small way, by being a ritual abuse survivor and blogger, who acknowledges my history of abuse and healing, can help battle back the stigma, denial, and disbelief.

We all deserve to have a life that is our own. We all deserve to be safe and free from abuse. We all deserve the help, love, and support necessary in order to heal. We all deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. We all deserve to be believed.

I wanted to do a post for today with some healing links:

Ritual Abuse Healing Resources

Healing Resources Pages

Grounding/Coping Skills

Self-Soothe/Comfort Skills

Good and healing thoughts to us all this holiday and through the coming year.

6 thoughts on “A Trigger Holiday

  1. I often have to fight the need to be perfect myself. But as they say in the quilting world, “Better to be finished, than to be perfect.” In other words, just keep plugging along and get things done, rather than waiting for perfection to occur. In fact, you are more likely to approach perfection by continuing to produce, than by trying to be perfect on the first attempt. Here’s to getting done!



    • Hi Granny,

      Thanks so much dear Granny.

      “In fact, you are more likely to approach perfection by continuing to produce, than by trying to be perfect on the first attempt.”

      So great and so right. Thanks so much for the right words to ponder. 🙂

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  2. I’m glad that you’re finding your way through the trap of perfectionism–and you’re right; it’s far more important just to be than it is to be perfect. Take good care of yourself today, and thank you for thinking of all the survivors for whom this day is difficult, and providing resources for them.


    • Hi David,

      Thank you.

      I get so wrapped up in perfectionism, like a mummy, so much so that I am rendered frozen, immovable.Just doing something is such a challenge, but I will continue to do so.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and the girlies.



  3. Reblogged this on Choirduck's corner and commented:
    I have so many blockages that it’s hard for me to even repost this, but I want to honour the one who was brave enough to write it, and show that I’m brave enough to share this on my blog. Even though I’m afraid.
    Thank you Kate, even when I won’t admit it, at least I know I’m not so alone in these struggles and feelings.


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