Blogging for Peace

More than a year ago I came across a blog called Bloggers for Peace. Every month, or so, I’ve thought about starting to do what they suggest, joining them and making a blog post at least once a month on the topic of peace. I’m not a good joiner, at least, at certain times of my healing work I am not really good at joining groups, even something like this.

I was happy and proud, some time ago, to join a women’s collective blog on healing and creativity and art. It took a lot for me to post, I really had a lot of trouble doing that. That group was deleted some time ago, or at least no longer available to view online. I really do miss it and I wish that I had been more active there, with a lot less fear, or at least that the blog was still available to be read.

I’ve thought about blogging for peace a lot and thought about peace and how I have yearned for peace since I was a very young child. I suppose that every child of abuse yearns for peace. Violence and the threat of violence is everywhere in a childhood of an abused child. The work that I have done in my life and in my healing work has been very hands-on about peace in the last few years and I want to write more about that here in the near future. It is a huge challenge for me and often takes every ounce of energy that I have.

I’ve been thinking about blogging for peace a lot in the last couple of months. I recently went to the blog Bloggers for Peace and discovered that the blog had not been updated for about a year. However, I decided to start writing posts on peace by myself. I think that other people are still doing that as well. I think that I will be as focused about blogging about peace without other support.

I have come across another collective blog on the topic of peace and have recently submitted a post. And another collective blog on a topic of artistic expression, where you have to submit posts and for them to be approved. And I finally submitted a post to there as well. It only took me about a month to do them both. So, I guess I am trying to be a joiner, even though I am not good at being a joiner.

I had to remind myself recently that I have submitted lots of posts from my blog to the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, so I guess I have been a joiner all along. Big surprise, that. And participating in the Blog Carnival have been wonderful and healing experiences.

I love the Blog Carnival and what it stands for, and Tracie at her blog fromtracie for continuing the blog carnival. Thank you Tracie! And I want to encourage everyone who blogs on the topic of child abuse to submit a post to the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse and to read some of their archives scroll down on the page once you click onto the link. The most recent edition is the August 2013 Edition. If you don’t have a blog, you could submit a post to me or to Tracie and we could host your post on one of our blogs, so that your post could be included in the next Blog Carnival. Please consider participating in the next blog carnival.

By the way, I am hosting the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse for November and December. I will be posting more information on November 1st, with suggestions and topics. I hope to get many submissions and readers for them.

If you don’t have time to write a post for submissions, you can still submit an already existing post on a wide variety of topics. Participation is another way of refusing to be silent and to make connections and a sense of caring and community among survivors of childhood abuse in the blog community.

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