My Poetry

One of Us Was Telling the Truth

driving home after dark
well lit street
biking along
green light
open road

suddenly scared
car swerves quickly
into bike lane

stops short
blocks me
not turning
it hovers

I yelled
telling him
what I thought
and felt

as car turned
his head and shoulders
thrust bizarrely
out the window
slurred, “I love you too!”

one of us
was sober

one of us
won’t forget

one of us
told the truth

~ Kate

2 thoughts on “My Poetry

  1. unfortunately, biking in the real street is really dangerous. i myself have had to pull up short for bikers going through the intersection on a green, when i was turning right. it is just plain dangerous. cars dont generally expect to have traffic there. and i have had the same happen as a pedestrian, trying to cross on the light, with cars not seeing me either.

    either way it is really dangerous. i am glad you are ok!


    • Thanks dear. I’m sorry that you have had incidents as well. He sounded and acted drunk and with the high speed made him dangerous and scary.

      I think he saw me. Following the laws just didn’t matter to him. This is common, in my experience.

      In downtown Minneapolis bicycles are everywhere, so turning into a turn lane at high speed is something not usually done safely as there are tons of bikes.

      I’m glad that I am safe. No thanks to him.


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