Two Good Errand Days

A couple of weeks ago I had accumulated quite a few errands and was fortunate enough to be feeling well enough to try to fit them all into two days of errand working. One day I visited five places and another day six. One visit was to my chiropractor and two of the visits were to libraries. I was very satisfied to see that both days went well.

The nicest part, though, was later when it was all over and done; and I realized that I had been into eleven different businesses, some of them libraries, and did not have a single bad incident.Wow!

Last week I had two very difficult incidents in public, but I don’t know what I did different, just that there were jerks in public and they decided to make asses of themselves. I cannot fathom making fun of someone else while in public or mistreating them just for kicks or trying to stigmitize them because of your own narrow mind and prejudices , but it sure happens. I am happy to say that doing so is mind blogging to me.

Today I went to six different places and they all went well. That is nice. I like when that happens.

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