I Love A Parade

In the last month I have gone to two parades. They were a lot of fun. I so much enjoy the bands and the horses. Those were both great fun. And another nice thing, they seem to have doggies in them now too.

The first parade, a few weeks ago, was a lot of fun. The rain came in a few hours before the parade and cooled down the temperature and lowered the humidity, so it was pleasant and comfortable. The parade floats and cars threw lots of candy for the kids on the street, and they loved it.

I had a lot of fun on the second parade until a six year old stomped on my hip. I was sitting on the sidewalk’s curb and he was standing there doing what he thought was dancing. I realize now that I should have told him to move away from me and put out my hand to keep him away from me, well hindsight being what it is, I know what I should have done. He jumped on my leg, near the hip. He didn’t stop “dancing.” He didn’t apologize, neither did his parent. I had to keep telling him to move away from me, because he almost did it three more times while dancing to one song. Then he yelled, yeah, I got moves.

No!  If you injure someone, and they have pain for more than a few seconds, that is the opposite of dancing, that it bodily injury and no one who does that can dance. I also had to tell him to get away from me at the end of the parade, because he almost slammed into me again, this time from behind. I tend to avoid this kind of behavior, but this incident brings home to me again how proactive I have to be around this kind of reckless behavior towards my body and my safety. I will do better next time I am around someone who is getting too close to my space.

2 thoughts on “I Love A Parade

  1. I love parades too. I especially love the bands and drums and horses and floats. I guess I love everything about a parade!
    Hope you are feeling better after your experience with the “dancer”.



    • Hi Granny,

      That is great. Another thing we have in common, a love of parades. 🙂

      Thank you dear, I am feeling better. I took it easy yesterday and am planning on doing the same today.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



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