National Reading Month

It is National Reading Month.

I think that to celebrate this month I will re-read my favorite novel, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I’ve read it several times and always have great fun doing it. I’m a great fan of the social commentary and the keen observational and psychological aspects in her novels.

I love reading. I love books. I love learning. I always have.

I was especially blessed, I believe, by my ease in learning and the joy in reading. My other siblings had reading challenges. But not me. That made books, reading, and learning all the more important to me and valued by me. Even if they were not important or valued by family members. These became essential parts of my self-esteem and self-concept.

When you can’t find commonality, acceptance, and community from and within your own family of origin, you tend to look for it elsewhere. I was fortunate in my gifts, because they gave me a commonality and sense of community with other readers. They gave me a space for myself, at school, at home, in life where I could be proud of myself and embrace my own interests and beliefs over what my family, my classmates, and society said and believed about being smart.

Still proud to be a geek. Happy National Reading Month.

2 thoughts on “National Reading Month

  1. I too love reading a good big fat book. I love not being able to go to bed because I absolutely have to read a few more pages and then a few more pages. I love that feeling when I’ve a read a really wonderful book and I can’t start another one until the glow is gone from this one. I love remembering significant passages even years later. I love forgetting the present time and place because I’m actually living in the book I’m reading. You are so right, reading is great!!!!



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