Happy Groundhog’s Day!

It’s nice to have two holiday celebrations within a couple of days of each other that focuses on looking forward to the coming of spring. I know that I sure am looking forward to the coming of spring.

I’m trying not to think about how unlikely it is that we will have an early spring or an early spring forecast. But I think for some of this day I will be dreaming of a summer day and perhaps listening to some Beach Boys songs. 🙂

Well oddly the game is today. I don’t think that used to happen in the past. I thought that they used to only have one week in between the two last games of football in a season. But this year it was two weeks and so oddly it is going to be on Groundhog’s Day. I will be watching the game today, and more importantly the new commercials and having some lovely food as well.

2 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog’s Day!

  1. Sounds like you are feeling better. Hope you have a good day! We will be at neighbor’s for the game and sharing brisket, potato salad and other snacky foods. Should be a good time with such good companions. We might even watch some football!



    • Hi Granny,

      I am better, but still have sinus clogging and lung congestion with a cough. Half way better feels so great by comparison. I had a good time and some good food. The food sounds great. I would have loved them. Potato salad is one of my all time favorite foods. 🙂

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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