My Statement About Message Boards & Blogging

Since starting blogging almost five years ago I have almost exclusively been involved with blogging as a personal online resource with and for other survivors. So I have a bias in favor of blogging and I would recommend that someone start a blog and connect with other bloggers. However I know many who blog and message board and am glad to see that many survivors get support through both.

There are many small and a few larger message boards out there that are free and I hope that you would try them, if you want to do the message board experience. I have found several exceptional friends from message boards and was friends with many over the last twelve years in a way that was very exceptionally wonderful and healing. I have several links to free message boards on some of my resource pages, but please do not construe that as an endorsement or a statement that it is a safe and healing space. I cannot make such a promise. Please take care and use caution when extending yourself to others online, and indeed everywhere in your life.

I highly recommend that survivors do not join or participate in fee-based online message board groups that are owned and run by therapists. The therapist charges a monthly fee. I have experiences and known others who have had experiences that were negative, painful, abusive and very unhealing. I have remained silent about that. I don’t think that survivors of abuse should have to remain silent.

However almost all of the survivors I knew at those message boards were uniformly wonderful to me, routinely supportive, friendly, and kind. Two were the best friends of my entire life.

On purpose I do not have any resource links to any website that has or still may have a fee-based therapist-owned message board. If you find a website link on my blog that does have a fee-based therapist-owned message board, that is a mistake, and please let me know and I will delete it.

I would advise anyone to avoid fee-based therapist-owned message boards like the plague and to not pay for any message board interactions where the fees go to a therapist.

Others have a right to disagree with me, but they do not have a right to be abusive or threatening to me on my blog or to have any comments that do so posted to my blog. I have seen that happen to others. I will not allow that to happen here. My blog is moderated, nothing is posted automatically and must be first read and approved by me, and you have to have a wordpress account in order to leave a comment here, making it easier for me to file a complaint against someone who is abusive and making the other person be more accountable for their own words.

I realize that everyone must make their own choices, but have come to believe that I should make a statement of my beliefs on my blog, just so you know where I am coming from and so that I am not silent on the topic.

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