Chat With Kate from 6am to 10am Central Time

Hi All,

This is to let you all know that I am participating this year in the Company for Christmas blog/chat. I have my chat page up now and if anyone wants to stop by to say hello and perhaps chat, if they have time, I will be there for the next four hours this morning. I will also be back there this evening about six pm onwards. Stop by and say hi and visit if you have the time.

The purpose of the Company for Christmas blog is to provide a safe space for the wordpress community to go to chat and be with someone through this holiday time.

Here is my link:

Kate Is Rising’s Chat

If you miss me there at the times I will be there, consider stopping by there and looking to see what chats are open at any time. They are listed on the right hand side of the screen.

I have been told to mention that you should follow their blog, and you can just unfollow after you are done chatting, so that the responses will update for you automatically and you won’t need to keep refreshing your page all the time, since the chatting is going on in the blog pages and the comments sections instead of in a chat room.

Again here are a couple of my resource pages for holiday coping:

Holiday Coping Resource Page

Grounding/Coping Skills

Self-Soothe/Comfort Articles

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