Christmas/Solstice Giveaway

Hey all!

I have decided to give some Christmas/Solstice gifts to my blog readers. There are four gifts. They are one hour each of Reiki distance healing.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher.

I don’t need to be with someone to give them an hour’s worth of Reiki, life force energy healing.

If you don’t know what Reiki energy healing is: here is a link

What is Reiki?

What do you need to do? Comment on this blog post or send me an email, if you have my email address.

Regular readers and regular commenters will be the first ones offered the gift and if there are more than four requesters, there will be a drawing. If you are not a regular reader or regular commenter, you could still receive the gift if there are less than four responders to the free Reiki offer. So leave me a comment here.

I will notify you by email of the gift. I usually do it overnight, so the person is sleeping, though that is not necessary. Or the person can lay down and relax, though that is not necessary either. Or you can take your pick of a time and date and let me know.

5 thoughts on “Christmas/Solstice Giveaway

  1. I always read this through my emails and I am always appreciative of what you share with us, esp with the quotes. Although I am not a commentor, I just want you to know that I have loved every post that I received in email. Would love the healing gift of Reiki.

    Merry Christmas!!



    • Hi Grace,

      Yes. You’ve been a subscriber of my blog for over three years, so for sure you qualify for the gift.

      Let me know time and date that is good for you. Actually a couple of them, so if I am busy I can have a couple of choices to pick from, or if it doesn’t matter I will do it late one evening, let me know. I’ll send you an email.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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